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Whole again after 27 years

After being severely burned as a child, Coumba adjusted to difficult life with a hand immobilised by scars. But hope for a different future had arrived.

The gifts within – Hamadou finds hope

Hamadou learned to cope with the physical limitations of his cleft lip, which impacted his ability to swallow and eat, Even his family were fearful of him.

Daouda’s long journey

Douda’s loving dad had tried every possible avenue to seek treatment for his son”s tumour – to no avail. Yet hope drove them to try once more.

Reclaiming dignity: Astou’s story

A double burden was lifted from Astou,- weight she’s been carrying for half her life.

Mairamou’s story

Mairamou should have been excited about her future … a sparkling, joy-filled future. She and her husband had eagerly anticipated the birth of their first child.

Story of Aliou

A fire left 3-year old Aliou with third-degree burns on his right arm. With limited access to proper medical care, his arm contracted.

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Assiatou’s Mercy Ships Story

When Aicha first started walking, her grandmother noticed that the little girl’s legs were bowing. As she grew up, she loved being with other children — even though she couldn’t keep up. But a free surgery on board a Mercy Ship changed her trajectory


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Key facts


+ 1’500’000’000
Dollars worth of goods
And services provided
in the last 40 years


+ 105’000
Surgical operations


+ 42’250
trained in their area
of ​​expertise


Filtering & treating AC
condensate water for
technical use will
reduce potable water
use by approximately


Ship systems provide
reliable and efficient
power, clean water,
and air conditioning
for the hospital
and crew.


High efficiency air
conditioning systems
reduce total energy
consumption by
approximately 15%.

“Five billion people in the world live without access to safe, timely, affordable surgery. Our family is proud to be part of an organisation working to change the global surgery crisis by transforming lives and extending dignity to thousands of people in great need.”


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