Sinclair Carter, Second Engineer // Kathy Carter, Technical Admin

The Carters joined the small pioneering crew on board the Global Mercy as the vessel was nearing the end of the shipyard build in early 2021, and they were part of the inaugural crew as the world’s only purpose-built civilian hospital ship vessel slipped her berth in August, beginning the first international voyage.

Maritime crew essential on the hospital ship 

“My role is looking after the Deck and Engineering teams,” explains Kathy. “I check the credentials of all officers. I do rosters, schedules, and basically, anything needed to ensure the smooth running of both the deck and engineering teams.”

As a senior engineering officer on board, Sinclair says “The engineering team are fantastic and working with them has been the real highlight of my time on Mercy Ships’, he says. “The community on board is caring, and very supportive of one another—it’s like a big extended family and we have made so many amazing memories here.”

Why volunteer?

Kathy explains, “We feel strongly about helping the poor of Africa. First and foremost, that is why we have been with Mercy Ships since 2020.

Sinclair adds, “It appeals to our sense of adventure to travel to countries that we have never been, exploring different cultures and gaining an understanding of how others live. It humbles us and makes us very grateful for our lives.

Early retirement provides enormous opportunities

Most African countries operate without the necessary medical resources, so many conditions that would be treated at birth in a western country are left unchecked causing flow-on impacts on the person’s life and their family.  Cleft-lip and palate, cataracts, orthopaedic conditions, facial tumours, burn contracture release, pediatric problems, and obstetric fistula repair are just some of the conditions that are treated onboard.”

“It’s truly life-changing.”

The technical details of the Global Mercy 

After an initial tour-of-duty on the Africa Mercy in 2020, Sinclair and Kathy joined the Global Mercy technical crew. Learn more about the engineering and technical details of both vessels in this article.

Professional Skipper magazine – flip to pages 32 & 33

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