Dr Andrew Clark, International Chaplain

My 30-year journey with Mercy Ships started when I was at medical school in Dunedin, and went on a tour of the first Mercy Ship, Anastasis. I was confronted for the first time with a practical outworking of Christianity that I had never thought about. That connection grew into a life-transforming commitment to serve the under-served, with Mercy Ships.

Why I volunteer with Mercy Ships. 

“So many people in the world today lack access to safe, affordable and timely surgery. And that’s what I saw, you know, in these different places,” he explains.

“Now, I’m involved in the spiritual health of the organisation and of our crew. What happens is that people come, because they have a talent, a gift, an occupation – something that they can do, so that we can do what we do.”

My most impacting experience

Mercy Ships says volunteering onboard is the toughest job you’ll ever love. I agree the work is professionally and personally challenging – and deeply rewarding.

So many times I’ve heard people say, I think I got more out of Mercy Ships than I gave. We don’t really realise the gift of our self and our experience and our talents. God uses broken people, often to do amazing things.

The biggest takeaway from my time onboard

We talk about lives being transformed, but it’s not just our patients that are transformed. It’s often our crew, and our volunteers that are transformed as well.

Andrew’s chaplaincy teams on board the Africa Mercy and the new Global Mercy are intentional, creative and passionate about supporting the ship’s crew as they serve, and of our patients in their deeply impacting transformation journey.

New Mercies Podcast

‘Dr Andrew’, as he is affectionately known onboard, was recently interviewed by New Mercies. Learn more about his experiences on all of the Mercy Ships – in the regions all over the globe;  the Caribbean, Central America, the Pacific, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Link to listen HERE:

It takes people from all walks of life to make mercy happen. Why not you? Find your place onboard as we serve together to deliver hope and healing.

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