Larry Robbins OBE, JP, RNZN (Rtd)

Photo Credit: Michelle Murrey; 3178_MSNW_LARRY_ROBBINS_MM; Larry ROBBINS, NZL, Second Officier, Navigator; Larry ROBBINS charts the course of the Africa Mercy along the coast of Africa; Larry helped navigate the Africa Mercy from Tenerife to Congo-Brazzaville for the 2013-2014 Field Service, and uniquely had the task of navigating the ship through the intersection of the Prime Meridian and the EquatorBoard Chair

Commander Larry Robbins serves as the Board Chair for Mercy Ships New Zealand. He also volunteers periodically on board the Africa Mercy.

He enjoyed a career in the Royal NZ Navy, rising to the rank of commander as Hydrographer of the Navy. On retiring from the Navy he was appointed as CEO of the NZ National Maritime Museum in Auckland. He has been a Board member of Mercy Ships NZ since 2009 and accepted the position because he believed in the beneficial work of the organisation. He revalidated his Second Mates certificate in 2013 and has since served more than a year in total as an officer onboard MV Africa Mercy. He says that having seen the ship at work he is more convinced than ever about the value of what Mercy Ships is doing.