From Jocelyn

thank you for all you do to help others, you are a blessing to the world!

From Hazel

A message from Graeme Walls

We want to wish  Mercy Ships healthcare workers and community leaders Christmas greetings from friends in Aotearoa New Zealand. Thank you for your love and compassion.
– David and Judith Lawson.

Thank you to all the Mercy Ships health workers, you do such amazing work for your communities, we appreciate you!

From Jane

Dear friends
Thank you so much for everything you do.
Wishing you and your families all the best for this coming Christmas
Warmest regards

A message from Sharon Walls

I pray that you will get the help that you so need and may God bless you in your work helping others. Gloria Greenfield.

From Alison

From Ian & Steph

May God bless all your endeavours as you bring God’s love so practically to the needy and hurting – Maureen
Bless you health workers for the wonderful work you are doing. From Joy

Thank you so much health workers for your ‘big heart’ and for risking your life helping the vulnerable. May God’s protection be upon you all always! Lot of love, Yan.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe from harm….in this uncertain world it might seem like no-one sees you, but God Does!!!! and in the ordinary day to day things you show his love in Word and Action. Daniel.

From Alasdair

We wish you good health and the very best of Gods blessings.
Thank you for the wonderful work you and your team do helping others.
A very happy Christmas to you and your family and those around you.

– Richard & Catherine

From Alison

From Jane

Thank you  for being there!  Hazel.

Ian & Stephanie


Mr Horne

Your work is not going unseen by God, you are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses! The work you are all doing is amazing. The smiles of the people you are all helping tells a great story of hope restored! Thank you. ☺

Thank you so much for the hope and compassion you give others through your work. May you be blessed richly this Christmas, just as you bless others through the care you provide them. Merry Christmas from New Zealand 🙂



Lester & Rae

Hello everyone who is working tirelessly & looking after the community. We appreciate all that you do. May our Lord bless you & keep you safe. May His light shine through you during this Christmas season. Punitha

Ms Morris


As a health worker myself a nurse I commend the work  and the dedication May God bless you and keep you safe. Alison

John & Rosemary