Tradies- Our Unsung Heroes!

Are you a tradie with a passion for the poor? Many unsung heroes make our work with Africa’s most vulnerable possible. Sparkies, plumbers, mechanics, HVAC specialists and others daily perform vital tasks on the Mercy Ship that keep our operating theatres lit, our medical equipment fully functional, and our volunteer crew match-fit. We need you!

maritime, medical and general volunteer roles with Mercy ShipsAre you tired of the ordinary? Roll up your sleeves for the adventure of a lifetime with Mercy Ships, and make a real difference for people in desperate need! Every day tradies are helping the medical teams provide free essential surgery for people living in poverty in low-income countries; people who have no other access to the surgical care they need.

The range of volunteer opportunities  on our hospital ships  Africa Mercy and Global Mercy can be short-term – several weeks to a couple of months – or even a couple of years, depending on your availability.


Plumber (3+ Months)

Carpenter (3+ months)

Chief Electrician (6+ months)

Electrician (3+ months

HVAC Refrigeration Engineer (varies)

HVAC Technician (3+months)

Maintenance Coordinator (long term – 2 years)

Maintenance Assistant (3+months)

Mechanic/ Fitter (3+ months)

Technical Stores Manager (long term 12+ months)

Assistant Storesperson (12+ months)

Transport/Maintenance Manager (long term 2+ years)

Vehicle Mechanic (6+ months)

Medical, maritime and operational professionals, cooks, cleaners, school teachers and others can volunteer from a couple of months, to years at a time (depending on the position). Each crew member is an integral part of providing life-changing operations to children who have been ostracised, and adults who have experienced a lifetime of needless suffering. They need heroes like you.

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