Ward nurse supervisor Jane White

I first volunteered as a nurse with Mercy Ships May 2008 for 7 months – but ended up staying until July 2012! I returned to the ship in July 2015 for the Madagascar field service, and I’m still here!

Why I volunteer with Mercy Ships. 

I wanted to use my nursing to work overseas and Mercy Ships looked exciting and fun to be a part of, and it was a faith based organization. Ultimately I felt called by God to go, to serve Him in this capacity.

My most impacting experience

Professionally, I get to work alongside some of the most wonderful professional people in the world.  I have also learned so much about the types of the surgery we do here, which in some cases it is so different to what we do or even experience at home.

Personally, the people, patients, friends, the translators, the transformation in people’s lives.  The smiles… oh boy there is so much!

The biggest takeaway from my time onboard

I am so thankful for my health, for my access to good health care.  It is also an honour and privilege to be able to use my nursing skills here in this way. I learn the most from the patients themselves; how resilient and strong they are.

A few thoughts about the featured patient, Lalo

Lalao was one of the patients I was assigned to. She had the most beautiful smile and was so so thankful for her surgery and the care she received onboard. She had and will always have a special place in my heart

It takes people from all walks of life to make mercy happen. Why not you? Find your place onboard as we serve together to deliver hope and healing.

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