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3D Global Mercy Experience –the tour

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Multiplied thousands of patients will receive life-changing free surgery, and hundreds of local health care professionals in many fields will learn vital new skills. Volunteers will travel from around the world to leave a lasting impact.

Events held on board the Global Mercy to view online

Sunday celebration
Maritime Day
Medical Day

Come On Board and Discover
the Global Mercy®

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The world’s newest civilian hospital ship is preparing to serve Africa’s people for the first time. The Global Mercy was built with one vision: to change lives and leave transformation in her wake

No time zones, no queues, no waiting. Cutting-edge virtual technology on the Global Mercy 3D experience takes you step by step, at your own pace, through some of the most inspiring places on board the Global Mercy – places where lives are transformed forever. Step into a realistic sense of the look and feel of the Mercy Ships in high resolution and high definition. You can take in 360 views of spaces, click on tags that highlight important information and statistics, and select to watch inspiring outtakes and interviews. 

It’s all about to begin…

But first, the Global Mercy has lowered the virtual gangway, and you’re invited to come on board through a remarkable digital experience.

From where ever you are, you can be on board with the click of your mouse or the tap of your finger. Through cutting-edge digital technology, you can meet the Captain and do a full-circle tour of the ship’s bridge – or operating theatre. Our patient Bernard will tell you his inspirational story, and you’ll hear from some of the amazing volunteers who served him – and see where they live on the hospital ship.

This is your chance to experience what a patient experiences when they come on board the Global Mercy for life-saving surgery.

Step inside the operating room where lives are transformed. Experience the unique, bustling culture of an international community of volunteers. Hear stories of hope and healing straight from patients, crew and supporters.

When you come on board the Global Mercy you’ll digitally step into this unique hospital ship. You’ll become part of the story as you take an incredible journey of discovery and hope with one of our patients, and glimpse the legacy story of Mercy Ships. Take your time to explore, or take the express route.

It’s your unique opportunity to Come On Board with our crew and our patients – without ever leaving home.