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Teniah and Travis Howell

We are so pleased to be returning to serve a third time with Mercy Ships in Africa. For many years we have felt a strong connection with the core-values of Mercy Ships. The relationships developed onboard provide both physical as well as emotional healing and can truly transform lives. This resonates with us as we believe that all people deserve to be seen and valued.

We are serving long-term this time (2+ years) with Mercy Ships which is a real dream come true for us. Connecting our skills with the goal of caring for those truly in need is an enormous privilege for us. 

Teniah will be serving as the Team Leader for the Outpatient Department. In this role she will facilitate post-operative wound care management and helping to educate and prepare patients and their families for the return home following surgery. She is excited to partner with the local day crew, and always finds such value in learning from their life experiences and culture. 

Travis will be serving on the Transportation and Maintenance Team. He really enjoys the wide variety of work this role provides by maintaining the off-ship facilities and transportation fleet, as well as working with the local day crew on his team.

Help Teniah & Travis on their mission

Mercy Ships NZ Bank Account Number: 
03 1549 0000141 00 (Westpac)

Reference: (Your surname)
Particulars: Use donation code “Howell

To receive a tax receipt, please email with your details. By notifying us that you have donated, your donation can be matched to your email address.

If for any reason a volunteer that you have supported through a donation is no longer willing or able to carry out their service with Mercy Ships, or there are otherwise surplus funds remaining from your donation once the volunteer has completed their service, those surplus funds will be utilised by Mercy Ships to support surgeries on the Mercy Ships and the training of medical professionals and associated support in Africa.

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