Rebekah Wilson, IT and Library Teacher

Volunteer teacher Rebekah Wilson

Rebekah’s role is vital to the hospital ship work as she helps deliver quality education for the children of our international long-term crew – who could volunteer if this was not provided. 

The crew recognises how much they need each other, and that surgery simply can’t happen without a shipload of huge hearted people like Rebekah doing their part.

Why I volunteer with Mercy Ships.

“There are many exciting events we celebrate here in the academy and as the library is the hub of the school, ” explains Rebekah. 

“I get to fully participate in the fun! I have created a few displays for the library starting with Jabulani Day – our dress up day each semester. This semester the theme was Colour, so we dressed up in our favorite colours and arranged ourselves in Rainbow order.

We also celebrated 100 days of school, something I’d never done with my students back home! In primary school we read 100 books that week!

Then this week has been a triple whammy with Book Week falling on the same week as Anzac Day, Sierra Leone and Togo independence day and Book Character Dress Up Day!”

Volunteer teacher Rebekah Wilson

Helping Rebekah volunteer with Mercy Ships.

It takes a big team to make mercy happen. You can play an important part by making a tax-deductible gift to Rebekah. Join My Support Crew here

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