Support Mercy Ships from New Zealand
Your Fundraising 

You can help the most vulnerable, and be part of amazing transformations by running your very own fundraising campaign.

Donate Your Birthday

Celebrate your birthday and transform lives at the same time. Rather than receiving gifts for your birthday set up a fundraising page and ask your friends to support the amazing work of Mercy Ships.

Your Club

Lead your club or association in taking part in activities to benefit the world’s poorest communities.

Your Church

Share in the mission, act justly and love mercy, by bringing hope and healing to lives in Africa.

Your Company

Corporations and businesses play a vital, mutually rewarding role, making an impact to the lives of the world’s poorest people.

Your School

Develop a deeper understanding of conditions affecting developing nations.

Gift in Will

By making a bequest, you leave a lasting legacy that helps future generations.

Be a voice

Become a speaker, and share your passion about the Mercy Ships Mission with others.

Your Gift

Other ways to give to the world’s forgotten poor.