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More than 2,000 surgeries a year

Like Kadidja, a 4-year-old girl who loves to dance, play, and eat good food, had a cleft lip that was holding her back. Discover her life-changing story.

Increasing access to surgical care in Africa is vital

In sub-Saharan Africa, 93% of people cannot afford even basic medical care, or live too far from a hospital to access treatment when they or their families need it. 

This is the crisis Mercy Ships is fighting to change.

Our impact

Mercy Ships increases access to healthcare for developing nations in Africa. Working with qualified local and international partners, Mercy Ships’ programmes multiply local skills and capacity to make healthcare accessible for all.

The challenge is enormous but each day we are making a difference as we provide surgical and healthcare solutions. As we work alongside local partners, mentoring and training people in their healthcare arena, we are making a sustainable investment into improving the healthcare systems for the future.

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Our place in the world

Many nations in Africa are ranked by the United Nations Human Development Index as the least developed nations on earth, with only two doctors per 10,000 people. New Zealand has 10 times that ratio.

A West African woman has a 1/16 chance of dying during pregnancy, it’s a 1/7150 risk in New Zealand. An estimated 70% of Africans live on less than NZ$2.25 each per day to meet all their needs; food, shelter, education and more.

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Patient transformation stories

A father’s love: Aissatou’s story

Aissatou’s family was heartbroken by her struggles with a cleft lip, often hiding her behind a scarf to shield her from ridicule. Now healed and hopeful, Aissatou proudly shares her beautiful smile with the world.

Life-changing healing for Samba

The relentless tumour that had been growing since Diarra was a teenager had all but stolen her hope for the future.

The future holds great promise

The relentless tumour that had been growing since Diarra was a teenager had all but stolen her hope for the future.

Countries we have partnered with in Africa


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Mercy Ships and Africa

Since 1990, Mercy Ships has been partnering with nations in Africa. Mercy Ships is committed to providing surgical services, building medical capacity, and strengthening the health care systems of the nations we serve.

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