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Transformed lives: our patients

One billion people. That’s the estimated number of individuals who lack access to even basic health care in this world of ours. They suffer from preventable diseases, untreated illnesses, and neglected injuries. Even a simple toothache can turn into a life-threatening crisis. But with the unwavering support and prayers of friends like you, Mercy Ships is determined to bring them hope and healing.

Why Africa?

Basic healthcare is simply out of reach of nearly half the population in sub-Saharan Africa. With only two doctors per 10,000 people, the lack of access to safe and afffordable surgery when it’s needed causes more deaths in the region that HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB combined. 

Behind every statistic is a story, a life – a person waiting for hope and healing.

The challenge is immense, but we are making a difference each day by providing surgical and healthcare solutions. We work hand in hand with local partners, mentoring and training people in their healthcare arena, making a sustainable investment into improving healthcare systems for the future.

Mercy Ships exists as a compassionate response to a world in need, irrespective of ethnicity,  religion or gender. The core values of Mercy Ships reflect a belief that every individual is made in the image of God, and worthy of a helping hand to alleviate their suffering and hope for a healthier future.  

Stories of transformation: our heroic patients

Life-changing healing for Samba

The relentless tumour that had been growing since Diarra was a teenager had all but stolen her hope for the future.

The future holds great promise

The relentless tumour that had been growing since Diarra was a teenager had all but stolen her hope for the future.

Whole again after 27 years

After being severely burned as a child, Coumba adjusted to difficult life with a hand immobilised by scars. But hope for a different future had arrived.

The gifts within – Hamadou finds hope

Hamadou learned to cope with the physical limitations of his cleft lip, which impacted his ability to swallow and eat, Even his family were fearful of him.

Daouda’s long journey

Douda’s loving dad had tried every possible avenue to seek treatment for his son”s tumour – to no avail. Yet hope drove them to try once more.

Reclaiming dignity: Astou’s story

A double burden was lifted from Astou,- weight she’s been carrying for half her life.

I want to volunteer!

Volunteer testimonies

Our volunteers are selfless servants. They deliver the highest quality care to individuals who otherwise would have little access to medical services. And they pay their own way, so every franc donated to Mercy Ships can go directly to helping the world’s forgotten poor.

Teniah and Travis Howell

Teniah and Travis Howell We are so pleased to be returning to serve a third time with Mercy Ships in Africa. For many years we have felt a strong connection with the core-values of Mercy Ships. The relationships developed onboard provide both physical as well as emotional healing and can truly transform lives. This resonates […]

Skye Cameron

Skye Cameron Hi there, I will be heading to join the Global Mercy Ship in January to work as a registered nurse on one of the wards. I will be caring for patients after they have had their much-needed surgery, helping them heal and get back to living their lives. I’m eager to help provide […]

Eva Gregory-Hunt

Eva Gregory-Hunt When I was in high school, I saw a World vision type documentary, where a mother had had to make the most horrific decision. Feed one of her newborn twins what little she could and sacrifice the other or feed both and probably lose both. Even today I find this heartbreaking because I […]

Raewyn Rogers

Raewyn Rogers I am heading off in January to Sierra Leone to serve with Mercy Ships as dining room staff.  God has taken me on an incredible journey and changed my heart from an outright ‘No’ at even considering missions and being on a ship, to one of excitement, albeit nervous excitement!  I am heading […]

Sinclair and Kathy Carter

After their first voyage with Mercy Ships, Sinclair and Kathy have been returning every year to volunteer in the technical departments that are vital to getting the ships from A to B.

Judy from Dargaville

With a wealth of teaching career experience behind her, Judy Harding shares the unique features of the floating schools she has served on, with Mercy Ships.